Research Training Opportunities

ILPs and Honours Degree Projects

Sports Medicine and Shoulder Services

University of New South Wales
St George Hospital
Sydney, Australia

George A. C. Murrell, MD, PhD

  • Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • St George Hospital
  • Kogarah (Sydney) NSW 2217
  • Australia

  • T: 02 9113-2827
  • E:

  • Duration: 4 weeks+
  • Deadline: 12 months prior to start elective

Location - Sydney

Goals and Characteristics

UNSW medical students are encouraged to carry out an independent learning project (ILP) with the ORI in their third or fourth year of their medical studies. Similarly, UNSW honours degree students may carry out and write up a reseach thesis on an orthopaedic subject agreed upon by the student and their supervisor. To ensure placement, serious applicants should apply for the appropriate year as soon as UNSW announces the applications are open.

The nature of the projects may involve either clinical researach and/or biological research. Biomechanical projects are also popular.