Shoulders-How They Work

how the shoulder works mechanically

Shoulder Dislocation-A Patient's Perspective

a personal account of disclocation

Normal Shoulders and Unstable Shoulders

key differences between normal shoulders and unstable shoulders and the main types of unstable shoulders

Reduction Techniques

modern to ancient methods of reducing dislocation

Range of Movement & Strength Tests

arm movements a new patient may be asked to perform

Non Surgical Approach

a non-surgical management of the unstable shoulder

Physiotherapy for the Shoulder

post-op or non-op rehabilitation for an unstable shoulder

Surgical Options

different surgical approaches for the unstable shoulder

Clinical Examination for Unstable Shoulders

common procedures and tests in a clinical examination

Clinical Examination for Rotator Cuff Tears

common procedures in determination of rotator cuff tears

Shoulder Glossary

frequently used terms

Dr Justin Paoloni examines a patient's shoulder

Sports Medicine doctor, Justin Paoloni, examines a patient's shoulder.